Separate carburettors and carburettor sets

Looking for a separate carburettor for your Puch or a complete carburettor set including manifold and air filter? Look no further. We have them in many versions with diameters from 12 to 24 mm, from brands like Bing, Amal, Dellorto, DMP, Malossi and Polini. Need help to make sure you choose the right carburettor? Then contact us and our Puch-experts will help you.

Carburetor / Sets

Amal / Arreche 17mm carburettor
Amal 15-17mm float needle
Amal 15/17 mm float tank gasket
Bing 12mm carburetor replica
Bing 12mm carburetor Swiing
Bing 15mm carburetor original 1/15/46
Bing 15mm carburetor replica (3.5mm jet)
Bing 17mm carburetor replica
Bing 19mm carburetor replica

€ 59,00 € 47,90

Bing 20mm carburetor replica
Polini CP 12/22 gas needle
Polini CP 14/22 gas needle
Polini CP 15mm carburetor clampstyle
Polini CP 17.5mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP 19mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP 21mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP EVO 19mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP EVO 21mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP EVO 24mm carburetor spigot
Polini CP float tank transparent
Polini PWK 24mm carburetor
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