Dellorto PHBG 17.5mm carburetor replica with manifold and air filter

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  • Carburetor model PHBG 17.5mm
  • Manifold Dellorto 17-20mm
  • Suction rubber
  • Sieve airfilter
  • Clamp
  • Centre-to-centre distance between mounting holes: 38mm
  • Note: do not over-tighten the carburettor clamp!


the float bowl is fixed with 4 bolts, 3 long ones and 1 short one. Always make sure you replace the short bolt on the corner of the air set screw! If you screw a longer bolt in here, it will hit the air set screw and block it.

The jet that is mounted in the carburettor / set is blank and different for each batch.

(The manufacturer does this because they cannot know on which engine / setup this carburettor will be mounted).

It is therefore highly advisable to order a jet-set so that you can always achieve maximum adjustment.

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Product specifications

Carburetor / sets
Carburetor diameter19.5mm
Mounting typeClamp

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Differences in a Dellorto PHBG carburetor Differences in a Dellorto PHBG carburetor


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