Puchshop Racing Cup

Puchshop Racing Cup information

Puchshop is proudly the sponsor of the Puchshop Racing Cup 2022.

This is a race class exclusively for Puch mopeds organized by NK Junior Moto Racing.
These machines are built according to the Puchshop Cup regulations, which would suprise you in looks and sportsmanship to be a true spectacle for young and old race fanatics.
They ride together in a exciting field of a 70cc stock and 70cc Expi class. Guaranteed racing with a high fun factor!

See our events page for the upcoming races. You can also find them on our Facebook page.

Are you interested?

Contact: Dominique Beens, dbeens@live.nl

For more info and sign up

NK Junior Moto Racing - Sign up on the website of NK Junior Moto Racing

Facebook page Puchshop Cup - Photo album

Puchforum.com - Circuit

Our 2022 event calendar

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