Dellorto PHBG 19mm DS carburetor original spigot Black racing

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Replica Dellorto PHBG Black racing 19mm carburettor.

  • Connection diameter of the manifold 24mm
  • Connection diameter of the air filter 32mm with adapter 38mm
  • Nozzles/jets suitable for this carburettor are Dellorto 5mm jets/nozzles
  • Carburettors should always be cleaned before installation.
  • Cable choke control.
  • Fast nozzle exchange by the drain bolt on the float chamber. (M32)
  • Throttle drum cover is also screwable.
  • Rubber for connection is availble at the section replacement parts.
  • Insertion version
  • Dellorto 2695

Standard jetting

  • 30 Slide
  • W9 Needle
  • 262AN Atomiser
  • 75 Main jet
  • 45 Idle jet
  • 60 Choke jet
  • 9450.1 Float – 4.0 grams

With a matching manifold applicable to various Puch models:

  • Puch Maxi S / Maxi N / Maxi K / Maxi P / X20 / X30 / Korado / Manet and KTM hobby with E50 / Z50 / ZA50.
  • Also on Puch MV / MS / VS / DS / VZ / MC / Monza / Jet / M50.

With a matching manifold also universally usable for:

  • Kreidler Florett / RMC / RM / Zundapp / Yamaha DT / TY / Honda MT / MB / MBX / NSR / MTX / NS1 / Kawasaki AR / Suzuki TSX / TS / Tomos A3 / A35.

About Dell’Orto

Dell’Orto began its activity in 1933 with the manufacture of carburetors for mopeds and motorbikes. A constant evolution that today makes it a modern and fully integrated company at production level, making technological research its strong point. Large range for vintage mopeds and therefore also for your Puch! We also have parts for Dellorto PHBG and Dellorto SHA carburetors.

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Product specifications Dellorto PHBG 19mm DS carburetor original spigot Black racing

Carburetor / sets
Carburetor diameter19mm
Mounting typeSpigot

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Differences in a Dellorto PHBG carburetor Differences in a Dellorto PHBG carburetor

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