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Cylinder 70cc OM PSR 6-port (45mm) set + 17.5mm PHBG Biturbo exhaust and powerfilter

Brand: PSR
Model: 10100
Status: Not in stock

PSR 70cc cylinder set complete old model + exhaust!.

Set contains:

  • 70cc PSR cylinder set old model.
  • Complete with piston (piston pin 12mm), piston rings and gasket set
  • 70cc cylinderhead old model.
  • 17.5mm Dellorto PHBG replica carb.
  • Manifold 17-21mm.
  • Powerfilter chrome!
  • 3x jet (76-78-80).
  • Set is supplied with the Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 25mm Jamarcol Biturbo-look chrome / alu (30071)

Pay attention!

The float box of the carburettor is fixed with 4 bolts, 3 long and 1 short. Always ensure that you always place the short bolt on the corner of the air adjustment screw! If you screw in a long bolt here, it will hit the air adjustment screw and block it!

€ 179,90

€ 159,90

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Out of stock

Cylinder / head
Cylinder displacement 70cc
Cylinder diameter 45mm
Cylinder model Old model

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