Is it possible to ride over 100km/h on a Puch? Yes! This rat look moped from Chris goes 103 on the GPS. This beautiful Puch Maxi S has a rich history and a racy future. A little test ride and a nice explanation of the origins of this rusty Puch. 

Who would have expected this thing to go so fast.... 

What setup do you need to go 100km/h? 

  • Cylinder: Gilardoni 74cc 
  • Carters: Custom made, cut down to 51mm and matching spool ports 
  • Crankshaft: Rito
  • Ignition: PVL
  • Clutch: Custom made, from before the days of racing clutches ; )
  • Manifold: MLM for Gilardoni 
  • Carburettor: Dellorto PHBG 21mm 
  • Air filter: TwinAir 28mm 
  • Front sprocket: 17 tooth
  • Rear sprocket: 45 teeth

Have fun watching, and leave a comment telling us what you like about this show!


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We're sorry...(Puch Maxi 100km/h)
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