We get this question alot, what does old model and new model what is written with the Puch cylinders and heads mean?

What is the difference?

In our shop we also speak about OM and NM, that stands for old model and new model. You can use both cylinder and head on your Puch E50 engine, the only difference is the shape of the cooling ribs. The timing is the same. With the new model cylinder and head, the cooling ribs are slightly bigger then with the old model. If you have a new model cylinder, it is nicer to also get an new model cylinderhead. Also if you get an old model cylinder, get the old model cylinderhead.

To show you, we will compare the old model cylinder and head together with the new model. We also got an example with a old model head with an new model cylinder. Here you can see the major difference between the sizes of the cooling ribs.

Here you can find our assortment of Puch cylinder and heads.


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