Ignition inner rotor HPI 068 Puch universal

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80019 80019 80019 HPI (Horse Power Ignition)


HPI analog inner rotor-ignition.

  • Better acceleration and faster throttle response.
  • Always a good spark.
  • 068K012
  • To be used with left and right turning engines
  • Choice of 2 curves (by connecting or disconnecting the optional yellow and yellow/blue cables)
  • This ignition does not contain a light coil
  • Optional, order a HPI light coil (max 10W output!)
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Product specifications Ignition inner rotor HPI 068 Puch universal

Brand:HPI (Horse Power Ignition)
Engine parts
MotorE50, Z50, ZA50, 2 / 3 speed, 4 speed
Electric / ignition
Ignition typeInner rotor
RotationLeft, Right
Volt12 volt

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HPI ignition 068 manual HPI ignition 068 manual

About HPI (Horse Power Ignition)

HPI; Horse Power Ignition. Surely, HPI is one of the best-known ignition options for the Puch. Specific electronic advance/delay curve for easy starting and maximum performance are just some of the features of HPI. Often fitted for classic racing applications where the low inertia flywheel allows fast engine acceleration.