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Ignition inner rotor HPI 068 CDI unit

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Model: 80041
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HPI 068 inner rotor ignition CDI unit 

  • CDI for analogue ignition
  • Version with 1 curve
  • For 1 cylinder / 2 stroke
  • HPI number: 068C068

For various HPI 068 ignitions

  • 068K004, 068K008, 068K009, 068K010, 068K011, 068K012, 068K013, 068K014, 068K015, 068K016, 068K017, 068K026, 068K029, 068K039, 068K040, 068K047, 068K048, 068K050, 068K051, 068K053, 068K055, 068K056, 068K059, 068K063, 068K067, 068K069, 068K070, 068K072, 068K076, 068K086, 068K094, 068K095, 068K096, 068K099, 068K102, 068K104, 068K110, 068K126, 068K129, 068K134, 068K135, 068K140, 068K141, 068K156, 068K159, 068K168, 068K177, 068K189, 068K191, 068K196, 068K199, 068K214, 068K215, 068K221, 068K223, 068K231, 068K240, 068K244, 068K247, 068K266, 068K274, 068K286, 068K288, 068K292, 068K298, 068K299, 068K319, 068K336, 068K337, 068K343, 068K352, 068K392, 068K421, 068K425, 068K432, 068K444, 068K456, 068K457
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Brand:HPI (Horse Power Ignition)
Category: Engine parts
Type product: Electronic / ignition
Type product: Rotor ignitions
Engine parts
Motor:E50, Z50, ZA50, 2 / 3 speed, 4 speed
Electric / ignition
Ignition type:Inner rotor
Rotation:Left, Right
Volt:12 volt
Weight:75 gram
HPI; Horse Power Ignition. Surely, HPI is one of the best-known ignition options for the Puch. Specific electronic advance/delay curve for easy starting and maximum performance are just some of the features of HPI. Often fitted for classic racing applications where the low inertia flywheel allows fast engine acceleration.

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