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Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm Homoet P4 PSR raw

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Homoet P4 PSR Exhaust!

  • Only at our shop! P4 Homoet racing exhaust with separate silencer!
  • Raw, rough, no paint whatsoever, simply oil it and drive!
  • Fits the best for stock and tuned 50cc/70cc cylinders.
  • This Homoet exhaust is now fitted with a slotted mounting lip, this makes fitting easier!
  • Always attach with a Silent rubber to prevent (vibration-) damage to the damper! (see Picture 8)
  • This Homoet exhaust is now fitted with a slotted mounting lip, this makes fitting easier! 


  • A: 250mm
  • B: 720mm
  • C: 25mm
  • D: 28mm
  • E: 6mm

Watch out for fake Homoet exhausts, these are the originals! There are fakes of very poor quality in circulation!


  • Use our long brass M6 nuts in combination with hardened studs (see related products). This so you can easily and fully tighten the exhaust flange. Brass is also softer than steel, so it will not seize.
  • Always use a new exhaust gasket when fitting an exhaust

When using all exhausts, black painted, chrome and blanc exhausts, heat build-up at the exhaust manifold can cause the following:

  • At black outlets the paint can dissolve a little.
  • Chrome and blanc exhaust manifolds may discolour

If the nozzle is too small or if the ignition is set incorrectly, the exhaust port becomes very hot and discoloring and dissolve of the paint on the exhaust manifold will occur faster than a perfectly adjusted engine. We give no guarantee on discoloration or solving of the paint on the exhaust manifold!

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Kategorie: Engine parts
Producttyp: Exhaust
Producttyp: Exhausts complete
Exhaust diameter:28mm
Exhaust finishing:Blank
Gewicht:1800 Gramm

Homoet, the handmade performance exhaust made in... You guessed it: Netherlands! These exhausts are specially tuned for Puch cylinders and give a very nice power curve and top speed.

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