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Cylinder 70cc OM DMP reed valve with butterfly exhaust port Puch Maxi, X30 and other models

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10073 10073 10073 DMP
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  • Brand: DMP
  • Model: 10073


DMP reed valve cylinder 70cc (45mm) Aluminium

  • Piston (piston pin 12mm), reed valve and manifold included.
    For best result, cut hole in de piston or shorten inletside of piston
    Piston has a 38mm dome, best cilinderhead is a 38mm version.
  • Without gaskets! (Listed below at the related products)
  • Connection diameter manifold 26mm. Fits all Dellorto PHBG and Replica PHBG (remove plastic bush)
  • Replace the reed valves for carbon / carbonit versions.
  • Aluminium cilinder with Nicasil coating.
  • With seperated (butterfly) exhaust port
  • Cylindersleeve outer diameter: 48mm

We always advise to check and clean the cylinder before installation and to finish the ports in the cylinder with a 1000 grit sandpaper. This way the edges are no longer too sharp because of the Nicasil coating, this will considerably extend the life of the cylinder / piston.

Measurements cylinder

  • A: 7mm
  • B: 44mm
  • C: M6
  • D: 69mm
  • E: 26mm
  • F: 42mm
  • G: M6
  • H: 60mm
  • I: 44mm
  • J: 40mm
  • K: -

Measurements piston

  • A: 5mm
  • B: 22mm
  • C: 27mm
  • D: 12mm
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Dutch Motorcycle Parts, also known as DMP supplies various maintenance & tuning parts for Puch, Tomos, Kreidler etc. DMP also has a very large range of tools & accessories. 1 of the largest suppliers of Puch parts with whom we have enjoyed working for many years. Assortment from cylinders to frame parts, crankshafts to clutches.

Product specifications

Cylinder / head
Cylinder displacement70cc
Cylinder diameter45mm
Cylinder modelNew model
Weight:1300 gram
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