17 inch 2.25x17 Anlas NR-7 tires white wall with inner tube set

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150485 150485 150485 Anlas
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  • Brand: Anlas
  • Model: 150485


It has taken years, but finally we have them; exclusively for Puchshop!

This set contains:

  • Top quality tyre, makes your classic look even more beautiful!
  • Tire type: TT
  • Tires load index: 33 (115 kg) 
  • Tires speed index: L (120 km/h)

Note: the white wall can have a blue 'UV coating' from the factory to protect it from yellowing during storage. The coating can be washed off easily with warm water and soap.

Please note that whitewall tyres always turn yellow. This happens due to influences of (sun) light UV, weather influences, aggressive cleaning agents, liquids and exhaust gasses. This process takes effect immediately after the UV coating or protective film is removed from the tyre.

The maximum tire width in a standard puch maxi swingarm is 2.50. This applies to all swingarms for sale in the webshop, except the PSR race version (100026)

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Product specifications

Tire size17 inch
Tire width2.25
Tire profileStreet
Tires load index33 (115 kg)
White wallYes
Tires speed indexL (120 km/h)
Tires type (TT / TL)TT (tube type)

About Anlas

Since 1974, Anlas has been producing tyres for motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and ATVs. Anlas sells tyres in 21 different countries in the European and global markets and continues to improve itself by drawing on users' experiences. Anlas takes its place among the giants in the industry by quickly adapting to technological developments to improve riding comfort. For Puch, we have an extensive range of tires available!


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