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Ethanol in E50 fuel, what does that mean for my Puch?

We get a lot of questions about ethanol in fuel and there is a lot of shouting therefore some clarity:

What are the effects of ethanol in fuels:

  • Ethanol attracts moisture, which causes bacteria and mould to form in the fuel, leading to sediment at the bottom of the tank, which in turn contaminates the carburettor and, in more modern systems, the fuel pump and injectors.
  • Moisture in the fuel can cause corrosion in the tank and carburettor.
  • Engines with old rubbers and seals (30 years and older) cannot withstand Ethanol, which corrodes the rubbers.

But beware! If you have a reconditioned engine with new NBR 70 or Viton seals and rubbers, this is not a problem. If in doubt, it is better to choose fuel without ethanol. From 1 October 2019, Euro 95 will contain 10% ethanol.

Which fuels are ethanol-free:

  • BP ultimate 98 (E5)
  • Shell V-power 98 (E5)
  • Ecomaxx and other alkylate fuels

What we recommend:

  • Ethanol-free petrol with 2-stroke oil or Triboron 2-stroke Concentrate
  • E5 or E10 with Triboron 2-stroke Concentrate

What are the benefits when using Triboron 2-stroke Concentrate:

  • Triboron kills all bacteria and fungi in fuels so no more contamination. 
  • Triboron protects the tank, carburettor and engine from corrosion.
  • Triboron technology provides a friction reduction 50% greater than oil, resulting in less wear, less heat build-up, more power and fuel economy savings.


  • If you have a Puch/oldtimer with new seals and rubbers, you can fill up with E10 with Triboron. Triboron protects your engine against the negative effects of Ethanol and bio additives in the fuel (see above). 
  • If you are in doubt then just fill up ethanol-free petrol with 2-stroke oil or fill up with Triboron.
  • Learn more about Triboron:

Ethanol fuel

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