When assembling an Puch, tightening torques are very important, to avoid breaking something or having something too loose. Always tighten with a torque spanner! Below is an overview* of the tightening torques for a Puch moped engine block and frame.

Detailed info

Tightening torques for Puch E50 engine Nm mkp
Cylinderhead mounting cast iron cylinder 10 Nm 1 mkp
Cylinderhead mounting aluminium cylinder 10 Nm 1 mkp
Flywheel nut 30 Nm 3,0 mkp
Clutch nut 27 Nm 2,7 mkp
Crankcase bolts 8 Nm 0,8 mkp
Flywheel cover 8 Nm 0,8 mkp
Engine bolts 32 Nm 3,2 mkp

Tightening torques for Puch frame Nm mkp
Front and rear axle mounting 27 Nm 2,7 mkp
Shock absorber bolt top 23 Nm 2,3 mkp
Shock absorber bolt bottom 12 Nm 1,2 mkp
Swingarm mounting 40 Nm 4,0 mkp
Handle bar mounting 27 Nm 2,7 mkp
Crank mounting 7 Nm 0,7 mkp

Tightening value +/- 10%
1 mkp = ca. 10 Nm

*The tightening torques listed above are for reference only. We are in no way liable for the values listed above.

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