KnallertFest 2023

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Every country in the world has moped enthusiasts. In some countries, like in Denmark, this is a pretty big thing! With thousands of Puch Maxi (K, the kickstart version, mostly sold in Denmark), with kickstart) this is the event to go to when you have a moped club mostly based on Puch Maxi. This is why the Alsinge Knallertclub invited us to join them on their journey of 450 kilometers from the south of Denmark towards Skagen. The most northern city and place of Denmark and yes they rode that entire trip on their moped!

Joining the moped Festival in Denmark

When they arrived, of course there had to be a celebration. Riding for a few days, sore bottoms and backs but they made it. In Skagen, the whole city was filled with mopeds! Parked everywhere at the harbor for a nice drink and a good meal since some have been traveling a long way. Not that much of a problem since almost everyone has this particular crate on the back so that everything you need can be stowed in there.

After enjoying the live music on friday evening/night, everyone gathered at a different location at the harbor the next morning. Again a lot of Puch mopeds but also different, unique models and makes only known in Denmark.

More than 1000 mopeds riding together thru Denmark

That afternoon everybody gathered at the Skagen stadion to do one big rideout. This was because Peter Ingemann himself had done a moped ride through Denmark and wanted to end the ride at the most northern point, the lighthouse of Skagen. An amazing sight to see so many, over a thousand mopeds, thru this small city, celebrating the finish and this great weekend together. 

Repair your moped after this amazing event

It was nice to meet all of you moped enthusiasts, talk about mopeds and the big culture around it all in Denmark. To celebrate and support this great event, Puchshop flew over and gave some goodies and flyer with a discount code to help repair their mopeds after this hard journey. There will be an aftermovie of this great event soon, be sure to check out our youtube channel.

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