Why doesn't your Puch go anywhere? He is two tired!

With our wide range of outer- and inner tubes for Puch Maxi, Puch Monza and Puch MV / VS / DS, succes is guaranteed. Do you prefer cross or race tyres? Or is the classic look of whitewall tyres your ... pick? Street profile or Semi-Slick? We have it all! Choose from various brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Deestone, Anlas, Schwalbe and Kenda. We also have everything for mounting your tyres.

Everything to mount your tyres yourself:
Mounting your own tyres on your Puch is a piece of cake with the right tools. Here you can find everything. From tyre levers to valve caps in cool colours, from tyre pump to tyre grease and brush, from tyre filler gauge to inner tube sealing set and even protection sets for the rims.
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16 inch 2.25x16 Anlas NR-7 tire
16 inch 2.25x16 Anlas Nr-7 tire with inner tube set
16 inch 2.50x16 Anlas NR-27 tire
16 inch 2.50x16 Deestone D8000 tire
16 inch 2.75x16 Kenda K657 tire
17 inch 2.00x17 Anlas NR-1 tire
17 inch 2.00x17 Kenda K77 tire
17 inch 2.25x17 Anlas NR-7 tire
17 inch 2.25x17 Anlas NR-7 tires with inner tube set
17 inch 2.25x17 Deestone D776 tire
17 inch 2.25x17 Deestone D776 tire set
17 inch 2.25x17 Deestone D798 tire semi slick set
17 inch 2.25x17 Kenda K260 set

€ 59,50 € 53,50

17 inch 2.25x17 Kenda K260 tire
17 inch 2.50x17 Deestone D967 tire
17 inch 2.75x17 Michelin City Extra
18 inch 2.50x18 Mitas B3 tire
19 inch 2.00x19 Anlas NR-7 tire
19 inch 2.25x19 Deestone D776 tire set
Atlas Purplewall 17 inch

€ 99,00 € 89,00

Inner tube repair set Simson
Inner tube repairset Edge
Rim tape sticker 5mm black 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm blue 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm green 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm red 6 meter
Rim tape sticker 5mm white 6 meter
Rim tape sticker applicator 5mm
Tire bicycle pump universal chrome
Tire filler

€ 10,25

Tire leaver 50cm

€ 5,90

Tire lever 24cm

€ 4,90

Tire marker white
Tire paste / mounting grease 1kg
Tire pressure gauge digital
Tire pump

€ 5,95

Tyre leverset 4-piece
Valve caps PVC black
Valve caps set aluminium Malossi
Valve Caps Set Bullit blue
Valve Caps Set Bullit gold
Valve Caps Set Bullit red
Valve Caps set dice black
Valve Caps set dice blue
Valve Caps set dice red
Valve Caps Set hand grenade gold
Valve caps set LED clear
Valve Caps Set Piston black
Valve Caps Set Piston blank alu
Valve Caps Set Piston blue
Valve Caps Set Piston gold
Valve Caps Set Piston purple
Valve Caps Set Piston red
Valve Caps Set Spike black
Valve Caps Set Spike blank
Valve Caps Set Spike blue
Valve Caps Set Spike gold
Valve Caps Set Spike purple
Valve Caps Set Spike red
Valve removal tool
Wheel protector set
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