Wires for your Puch wiring harness

Do you want to build a new wire loom for your Puch? Here you can find all the parts that you need! We sell loose electrical cables and all associated components, so you can tree your own wiring harness.

Wire loom

Cable grommet assortment 180-pieces
Fuse holder with wire universal
Grommet 31x15mm

€ 1,00

Grommet for cable (a piece)
Ignition lock universal
Light resistor universal
Multimeter digital
Multimeter digital Jumbo
Rectifier universal (AC > DC) LED
Soldering iron 30 Watt
Speedometer hole cover plate 48mm
Switch brake light 6mm
Switch brake light 6mm A-quality
Terminal block 6mm 12-pieces
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Voltage Regulator 12 volt 3-pins AC
Voltage regulator 6 volt 3-pins AC
Voltage regulator universal
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