Our selection of caps, t-shirts, stickers and other merchandise from Puch, PSR and Puchshop. Clothing available in many sizes.


Puchshop stickerset 3.0
Airbox Hole Cover with Puch logo
Backpack black with Puch logo
Backpack black with Puch print
Battery AA Duracell / Procell
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Battery AAA Varta
Beanie hat PSR Puchshop Racing
Beanie hat Puch logo
Beanie Hat with LED lamp black
Beanie hat with LED lamp blue
Beanie hat with LED lamp grey
Button with Puch logo 37mm
ButtonI love Puch 37mm
Calendar Puchshop 2022
Cap PSR Puchshop Racing
Cap with Puch logo

€ 12,15 € 10,00

Clock with Puch logo 250mm
Clock with Puch logo 42cm enamel
Coasters set Puch 6 parts 95x95mm
Cup Puch logo

€ 8,95

Doormat with Puch logo 90x60cm
Face mask with Puch logo
Face mask with Puch logo Luxury
Fire extinguisher powder 1 kg
Flag with Puch logo 150 x 200 cm
Flashlight LED COB 5 watt black
Glove softshell black with Puch logo
Headlight logo Puch MS
Ironing logo of Puch 60mm
Ironing logo of Puch 90mm
Keychain Flashlight LED
Keychain foxtail

€ 6,50

Keychain Puch

€ 6,90

Keychain Puch green
Keychain Puch logo stainless steel
Keychain Puch round
Lanyard Puchshop black
Lighter Zippo Puch Limited Edition Tom's Mopeds
Magnet Puch Maxi S2 75 x 52mm
Magnet Puch MS50 / MV50 75 x 52mm
Magnet Puch Parking Only 75 x 52mm
Magnet Puch Service 75 x 52mm
Magnet with Puch logo 55 mm
Magnet with Puch pin-up logo 55 mm
Magnetsticker with Puch logo 200 mm
Magnetsticker with Puch logo 55 mm
Nice and warm Puch scarf
Notepad Puch A5

€ 2,50

Notepad Puchshop

€ 1,00

Pin button 2cm with Puch logo
Pin with Puch logo
Polishing clothes 10x 2-pieces
Poster "Lady with Puch MV50" A1 (59,4x84cm)
Powerbank 2200mAh multicolor
Puch beach towel 180cm x 100cm

€ 29,95 € 27,95

Puch Christmas ball ornament blue
Puch Christmas ball ornament gold
Puch Christmas ball ornament green
Puch Christmas ball ornament red
Puch Christmas ball ornament set

€ 32,50 € 27,50

Puch Parking Only Sign 30x20cm
Puch pin-up sticker 11 (new)
Puch pin-up sticker 12 (new)
Puch pin-up sticker 13 (new)
Puch pin-up sticker 14 (new)
Puch pin-up sticker 15 (new)
Puch pin-up sticker 2 (old)
Puch pin-up sticker 3 (old)
Puch pin-up stickerset 5-pieces (new)
Puchshop ballpoint v2
Puchshop sunglasses 2022
Puchshop voucher giftcard
Safetyvest M / L

€ 5,95

Safetyvest S / M

€ 5,95

Safetyvest XL

€ 5,95

Santa hat with Puch logo
Sign Enamel Puch Garage 30x8cm
Sign Enamel Puch Parking Only 33x8cm
Sign Enamel Puch Service 14x10cm
Sign Enamel Puch Werkstatt 40x8cm
Sign Puch Garage 30x20cm
Sign Puch logo 10cm
Sign Puch logo 30cm enamel
Sign Puch logo 50cm enamel
Sign Puch Service 30x20cm
Sign Puch MS50 / MV50 Sign 30x20cm
Socks MTHR FCKING Puch socks

€ 9,90 € 8,90

Socks with Puch logo's (41-48)
Sticker Puch logo round 38mm Real Metal silver color
Sticker Puch logo round 38mm RealMetal® copper color
Sticker Puch logo round 38mm RealMetal® gold color
Sticker Puch logo round badge RealMetal® 4x2.8cm
Sticker Puch round 3D 50mm Monza / universal chrome
Sweater "Vintage rib" Puch print
T-shirt Puch retro wit-groen
T-shirt Puch white

€ 17,95

Thermometer Puch logo Enamel

€ 43,95 € 39,95

Thermometer Puch logo Enamel

€ 39,95 € 37,95

Tile Delft Blue Puch Maxi S 15x15cm
Umbrella with Puch logo 130cm
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