Shockabsorbers, now shockingly affordable! 

Shock absorbers do not only provide comfort, but also strongly influence the handling of your Puch (Maxi, Puch Monza and Puch MV / VS / DS). Are your shock absorbers worn out or broken? Replace them as soon as possible, for your own safety! With new shock absorbers you not only improve the riding comfort, but you can also create a different ride height and a sportier look. Available in many designs, colours and sizes ...

All common Puch sizes and accessories
Whether you are replacing your shock absorbers purely for safety reasons or to tune and style your Puch, you've come to the right place. In the sizes 240 to 380 mm. From well-known brands like MKX, YSS, DMP and IMCA. You will also find adapter sleeves, shock absorber bolts and other mounting materials for your shock absorbers. Need personal advice? Contact us and we will help you further.
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