Mega choice in cables for Puch

Here you will find our extensive range of cables and cable accessories for every type of Puch (Maxi N, S, Monza, MV / VS / DS etc.) from brands such as Elvedes, DMP and VDO. Throttle cables, choke cables, brake cables, counter cables, but also related products: such as insert nipples, adjustment bolts and lubricators and repair kits for cables...

Universal per meter or complete Puch sets 
You can order the cables by the metre or completely original and ready to mount on your Puch. A part of the cables is universally applicable, so that you can make or adapt the cables completely to your wishes, so also your high Chopper or wide crossbar is no obstacle!
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Cable adjusting bolt M6x35mm
Cable adjusting bolt M7x45mm
Cable adjusting bolt M8x45mm
Cable anti fray nipple
Cable cap / centring nipple 6mm
Cable cap for outer cable 5.5mm
Cable cover retro spiral binding Olive green / white NOS
Cable cover retro spiral binding purple / white NOS
Cable extension nipple universal
Cable greaser black 5mm
Cable greaser grey 5mm
Cable lubricator BGS Technic
Cable nipple 6x9mm
Cable nipple 8x15mm
Cable nipple 8x9mm
Cable nipple brake cable 6x14mm
Cable nipple throttle cable 5x7mm
Cable Puch DS50 brake front black
Cable Puch DS50 brake rear grey
Cable Puch DS50 gas cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch DS50 L gas cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch Maxi brake front DMP
Cable Puch Maxi brake rear DMP
Cable Puch Maxi brake rear Elvedes
Cable Puch Maxi clutch DMP
Cable Puch Maxi clutch Elvedes
Cable Puch Maxi DMP complete set

€ 14,75 € 11,90

Cable Puch Maxi Elvedes complete set
Cable Puch Maxi throttle DMP
Cable Puch Maxi throttle Elvedes
Cable Puch P1 Gas cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch P1 Startercable A.M.W.
Cable Puch Ranger gas cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch VS50 brake rear black
Cable Puch VZ50 gas cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch VZ50 shifter cable A.M.W.
Cable Puch X50 2M gas cable A.M.W.
Cable universal throttle 2 meter
Solder nipple for throttle cable
Solder nipple pear model
Speedometer gear Puch P1
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