Grips are real eye-catchers

The grips of your Puch are eye-catching details and provide grip on your handlebars. Styles differ, so we provide a large assortment. From classic and authentic to sporty, from modest to striking, from distinguished black to brightly coloured. We have plenty of stock of everything, so your new grips will... be within your grasp real soon.

Retro, sporty, tough or bright colours? 
Do you go for authentic black Magura handgrips from the original Puch? For the retro brown or replica cream grips. Do you prefer the tough Tribal handgrips? Or would you rather attract attention with the sporty handgrips in bright colours?With handlebar brands like Lusito, Domino and ProGrip you can give your Puch a striking finishing touch, while at the same time ensuring optimum grip.
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