Puch cylinder heads from top brands

Only need a cylinderhead? In our Puchshop warehouse in Wageningen we have a large stock of cylinder heads of 50cc, 60cc, 65cc, 70cc and 72cc. From well-known brands like PSR, DMP, Airsal and Streetpro. Contact us for advice on which cylinderhead is the best choice for your Puch and your wishes.

Cylinder head

Cylinder 65cc OM Airsal (44mm) + head PSR set
Cylinder 70cc NM DMP aluminium 6-port (45mm) set + 15mm Bing
Cylinder 70cc NM PSR 6-port (45mm) set + 17.5mm PHBG
Cylinder 72cc Airsal aluminium (46mm)
Cylinder 74cc Airsal / Eurokit 8P! (47mm) Puch Maxi / E50
Cylinder 74cc Gilardoni / Italkit reed valve with head (47mm)
Cylinder 74cc Parmakit (47mm) + head set
Cylinder head 50cc NM (38mm)
Cylinder head 50cc OM (38mm)
Cylinder head 70cc NM (45mm)
Cylinder head 70cc NM PSR (45mm)
Cylinder head 70cc OM (45mm)
Cylinder head 72cc Airsal (46mm)
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