Cylinder 60cc (42mm) OM Malossi Puch Maxi, X30 and other models

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10077 10077 10077 Malossi
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  • Brand: Malossi
  • Model: 10077


Malossi 60cc (42mm) cylinder.

  • Fast 60cc Aluminium cylinder, nicasil wall.
  • Complete as shown.
  • With piston (piston pin 12mm)
  • Cilindersleeve is 48mm outter diameter

Before mounting
We always advise to check and clean the cylinder before installation and to finish the ports in the cylinder with a 1000 grit sandpaper. This way the edges are no longer too sharp because of the Nicasil coating, this will considerably extend the life of the cylinder / piston.

The cylinder is compatible for use on a Puch Maxi S / Maxi N / Maxi K / Maxi P / X20 / X30, Korado, Manet and KTM hobby with E50 / Z50 / ZA50 engine. Just note that you may have to make some modifications. Want advice on whether this cylinder fits your moped? Please contact us.

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