Pullstart Bosch ignition Puch Maxi E50 PSR

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Pull starter for Puch Maxi E50 engine PSR

  • Ready-to-install pull starter for clockwise rotating Puch E50 engines on your Puch Maxi S / N or Puch Supermaxi LG1 moped. Can only be fitted in conjunction with an Bosch ignition system.
  • Good quality, can be used without problems with all cylinders from 50cc till 70cc!
  • Note: pull starter cover can be supplied black or grey (no choice here)


  • Starter pinion: clean the Bosch flywheel, remove the original flywheel nut. Then screw the carriage for the pull starter onto the crankshaft. Tip: mount the carrier with loctite.
  • Pull starter: Place the starter housing in the correct position and tap lightly with a plastic hammer until the pull starter fits perfectly. It can then be screwed into place. 


  • Before starting, pull the cable slowly a few times so that the engine spins empty (must be done before each start attempt).
  • Pull out the pull-start handle until it is fully engaged and you encounter resistance. Then pull through in one go.
  • Tip: Wear gloves! Hold the handle firmly.


  • The pedal system can no longer be operated because the pedal arms would touch the housing of the pullstarter. Therefore, footrests, a longer pedal axle or a pedal axle extension must be fitted.

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Product specifications Pullstart Bosch ignition Puch Maxi E50 PSR

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