Tools specifically for mopeds

Besides general tools such as screwdrivers, bobos, pliers, hammers, spanners and allen spanners, there are also special tools that are mainly used when working on mopeds. Think of things like a spark plug spanner, tyre levers, feeler gauge, chain punch, clutch puller, bearing puller set and a shock absorber spanner. Handy for travelling are the tool set in handy case and the multitool in credit card format. 

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Moped tools

Shock absorber wrench universal
Sticker felt squeegee Oracal
Ball bearing puller inner

€ 81,50 € 75,00

Ball bearing puller kit outer
Ball bearing puller outer
Cable lubricator BGS Technic
Chain brush universal blue
Chain joint master link plier
Chain punch pedal start chain
Chain tool 415 / 420 chain
Charger 12 volt 0.5A universal
Clutch and flywheel locking key
Cover 4 x 5 meter army
Crankshaft support plate universal
Feeler gauge tool 0.05 > 1.00mm
Fluid transfer pump
Flywheel puller M19x1 (Kokusan)
Flywheel puller set universal
Fuel hose clamp plier tool
Gasket hole punch set 5-pieces
Gasket scraper

€ 3,25

Gasket scraper blades 12x
Headset tube cone tool set
Ignition spark tester
Inner tube repairset Edge
Jerrycan 10 liter

€ 14,90

Jerrycan 10 liter metal
Jerrycan 20 liter
Jerrycan 5 liter

€ 5,90

Jet / nozzle reamer set 0.6-1.9mm
Jet measuring tools 0.45-1.5mm
Jet nozzle cleaning / reamer set
Key ring Flashlight LED / USB
Magnet tools tray large
Magnet tools tray small 150mm
Measuring cup 2 liter with spout
Measuring cup 250ml
Metalino Steel wool fine 200 gram
Micrometer M14x1.25
O-ring assortment 225-pieces
O-ring assortment 419-pieces
Oil can with flexible spout 300ml
Oil sump 15 liter with spout
Oil sump 5 liter with spout
Piston pin pusher tool
Safetyvest M / L

€ 5,95

Safetyvest S / M

€ 5,95

Safetyvest XL

€ 5,95

Spark plug brush

€ 2,25

Spark plug wrench 21mm
Spark plug wrench long version
Spark plug wrench Retro version
Spark plug wrench T-handle
Spoke wrench tool
Spoke wrench tool Simson A-quality
Spring puller tool
Tiewrap assortment 60-pieces
Tiewrap black 14cm
Tiewrap black 20cm
Tiewrap black 29cm
Tire lever 24cm

€ 4,90

Tire lever 38cm

€ 8,50

Tire lever 4-pieces
Tire lever set 35cm curved
Tire paste / mounting grease 1kg
Tire pressure gauge digital
Tool set for on the road
Torque wrench 1/2" 28-210Nm Hofftech
Torque wrench 1/4" 5-25Nm Hofftech
Valve removal tool 4.4mm
Wash glove micro fiber for rims
Wash glove micro fiber universal
Wheel protector set
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