Inner tube repair set Simson

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201013 201013 201013 Simson
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  • Brand: Simson
  • Model: 201013


Simson inner tube repair set

  • patches 16mm
  • patches 22mm
  • patches 25mm
  • patches 33mm
  • patches oval 24mm x 34mm
  • repair strip 75mm x 50mm
  • Tyre pach 35mm
  • tube solution
  • sand paper
  • 3x tyre levers (just suitable for bicycle tires)
  • universal valve
  • highlight marker
  • tweezer
  • cloth
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Product specifications


About Simson

Simson since 1881. It is one of the most famous and striking products in moped history, thanks to the almost iconic red-and-black tyre patch box, always handy to have with you on a ride on your Puch or in the shed when the tyre goes flat once in a while.


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