Accessories for axles and wheels

Wheels and rims are of little use without the accompanying accessory parts. Here you will find ball bearings, nut and bolt sets, retaining rings, thrust washers, freewheels, ball bearing grease and threadlockers. But also, for example, hub polish, spokes covers and spokesman tools.

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Axles / wheel accessories

Autosol moped cleaning kit XL
Axle washer M12

€ 0,38

Ball bearing grease Kroon 60ml
Cotter assortment 144-pieces
Distance spacer bush Puch MV right
Freewheel Puch Maxi S / N replica
Hub brusher black 75 cm
Hub brusher blue 75 cm
Hub brusher Germany 75 cm
Hub brusher green 75 cm
Hub brusher Holland 75 cm
Hub brusher red 75 cm
Hub brusher set rainbow 50 cm

€ 13,95 € 8,90

Hub Puch MV / VS / DS hub cap front
MoTip wheel cleaner 600ml
Nut M11x1 for 11mm axle 10mm wide
Nut M12x1 for 12mm axle 10mm wide
Nut M12x1 galvanized Selflocking
Nut M12x1.25 galvanized
Spoke covers black (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers black (36 pieces)
Spoke covers blue (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (36 pieces)
Spoke covers white (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke wrench tool
Spoke wrench tool Simson A-quality
Showing 1 to 78 of 78 (1 pages)