Copper grease 100 gram

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Copper grease 100 gram

  • Lubrication of tap and threaded ends, manifolds, wheel nuts and ovens
  • Eurol Copper Grease lead-free has been especially formulated from modified clay (unmeltable bentone) and selected, high performance solid raw materials like copper, graphite and aluminium as well as anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation inhibitors.
  • Eurol Copper Grease lead-free is an 'anti-seize assembly compound'. It offers long-lasting protection against corrosion and harmful, external chemical reactions. It is not washed out by (salt) water.
  • Eurol Copper Grease lead-free is recommended for lubrication of taps, threaded fasteners, manifolds, battery clamps, wheel nuts, ovens and the back of brake pads to prevent from twisting and friction. Dismantling of sealings and threaded components is simplified, even if
  • they have been exposed to high temperatures, corrosive conditions or high loads over a long period.
  • Eurol Copper Grease lead-free smoothens the surface and prevents from metal-to-metal contact when tightening bolds. Lubricated parts are being sealed from the atmosphere.


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