Manifolds, diaphragms and complete kits

Here you will find our complete range of manifolds, diaphragms, gaskets and complete kits for Puch Maxi, Puch MV and Co. From various brands like Bing, Athena, Dellorto, Gilardoni, Malossi and Polini. Most of them are in stock, so you will have your order delivered quickly. Can't quite work it out? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Our Puch-experts are happy to help you.

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Manifolds / Reed valve

Hose clamp 19-45mm (wide)
Hose clamp 20-32mm
Hose clamp 22-45mm
Inlet gasket Puch Maxi E50 square
Manifold Bing 12mm Puch Maxi E50 DMP
Manifold Bing 12mm Puch Maxi E50 NTS
Manifold Bing 12mm Puch Monza / X50
Manifold Bing 15mm Puch Maxi E50
Manifold Bing 15mm Puch X30 Velux
Manifold Bing 15mm Puch ZA50 MLM
Manifold Bing 17mm Puch MV / VS / MS
Manifold Bing 19mm
Manifold Dellorto PHBG 17-20mm
Manifold Dellorto SHA 15mm Athena
Manifold Dellorto SHA 15mm MLM
Reed valve 65cc Polini cylinder

€ 29,50 € 24,50

Reed valve Athena 50 / 70cc
Reed valve Athena AJH 4 valves Honda
Reed valve gasket Athena AJH
Reed valve gasket Athena AJH small
Reed valve gasket Athena small
Reed valve gasket Minarelli
Reed valve gasket Piaggo / Zip
Reed valve manifold Minarelli vertical STD
Reed valve manifold Polini 65cc 15mm
Reed valve Minarelli carbon
Reed valve Polini 65cc Big Valve
Stud for exhaust / inlet M6x35
Showing 1 to 117 of 117 (1 pages)