Lighter Zippo Puch Limited Edition Tom's Mopeds

Brand: Zippo
Model: 202310
Status: Directly available

This Zippo lighter features a Puch vintage design with great detail! Exclusive original from the Zippo brand in limited edition of 100 produced! 

This Zippo lighter comes standard without being filled. You have to fill it yourself before use. The best way to do this is to use the original Zippo liquids, but you can also use benzene. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot send lighter fluid by parcel.

  • Official Zippo
  • The Zippo comes in a beautiful designer tin.
  • Includes unique handmade wooden stand (Wall Art Displays).
  • Certificate with your own unique number.
  • Not yet filled with liquid

Zippo lighters have been produced since 1932. The American company has become almost synonymous with this type of lighter. Everyone knows them! Characteristic is the operation of the wick that hangs in a reservoir of fuel. By turning the wheel along a flint, sparks shoot at the wick. This ignites it. Around the wick, a wind trap has been installed. This has made the Zippo a pretty windproof lighter for many decades, even before today's storm lighters.

Zippos have always remained current. Among enthusiasts, collectors and survivalists. After all, the simple mechanics of a Zippo are a lot easier to "troubleshoot" in the field than a modern lighter.

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