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Specially selected for Puch Maxi, Puch MV / MS / VS / DS ATF / gearbox oil

ATF / gearbox clutch oil

Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml (4 bottles)
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml refreshment-kit
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF II D 1 liter
Clutch-oil Kroon ATF 250ml
Funnel tool 4-pieces
Gear oil universal Eurol 350ml
Maintenance kit universal

€ 24,59 € 22,50

Measuring cup 2 liter with spout
Measuring cup 250ml
Oil can with flexible spout 300ml
Oil drain plug fibre washer 8x14mm
Oil drain plug M8x1.25
Oil drain plug M8x1.25 with magnet Racing aluminium
Oil fill bolt

€ 1,20

Oil fill plug fibre washer
Oil sump 15 liter with spout
Oil sump 5 liter with spout
Paper roll 26cm wide 500 sheets
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