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Clutch-oil manual gear box Eurol Universal Gear Oil 350ml (Puch 2 / 3 / 4 speed / Z50)

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70072 70072 70072 Eurol
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  • Brand: Eurol
  • Model: 70072


Universal gear oil Eurol 350ml

  • For all manual or pedal-shift engines.
  • For: Puch MV, VS, VZ, DS, 2 / 3 / 4 Gang, also Puch Z50 engines.
  • 350ml
  • Gearbox oils for most occurring mopeds
  • Eurol Gearbox Oil is a series of special oils for perfect lubrication of the most occurring mopeds.
  • Eurol Gearbox oils ensure uncomplicated shifting of straight or bevel geared transmissions.
  • Eurol Gearbox oils have a high viscosity index, ensuring an optimum protection under both low and high temperature conditions.

Product sheet  Universal gear oil Eurol 350ml

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Eurol stands for groundbreaking entrepreneurship. With success, because these branded products such as: 2-stroke oil, ball bearing grease, brake cleaner or brake fluid, are available in more than 80 countries. So we also have many Eurol products for Puch in our shop.

Product specifications

Weight:400 gram