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Cylinder 70cc NM PSR 6-port set + 17.5mm PHBG Puch Maxi, X30 And other models

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Model: 10059
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Top offer! PSR cylinder kit 70cc / 45mm

Finally a cylinder kit that is almost plug and play! A datasheet with all information needed for installation and tuning is included!

This set is tested by us with a RS Cigar exhaust(speed) And this set is tested by us with a Jamarcol exhaust (torque) Our advise is to use a gear ratio of 15-45 or 16-45. The NGK B9HS spark plug fits the best with this set!

Pay attention!

The float box of the carburettor is fixed with 4 bolts, 3 long and 1 short. Always ensure that you always place the short bolt on the corner of the air adjustment screw! If you screw in a long bolt here, it will hit the air adjustment screw and block it!

We always advise to check and clean the cylinder before installation and to finish the ports in the cylinder with a 1000 grit sandpaper. This way the edges are no longer too sharp because of the Nicasil coating, this will considerably extend the life of the cylinder / piston.

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Category: Engine parts
Type product: Cylinder / head
Type product: Cylinders
Cylinder / head
Cylinder displacement:70cc
Cylinder diameter:45mm
Cylinder model:New model
Weight:1700 gram

For fast boys: Puchshop Racing. Of course, it can always get better and faster! To increase the performance of your Puchs - and of course our own Puchs - we have developed our own parts under the PSR (Puchshop Racing) brand.

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