Piston 47mm 74cc Gilardoni / Italkit B tolerance (46.97mm)

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40007 40007 40007 Gilardoni
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  • Brand: Gilardoni
  • Model: 40007


  • Gilardoni / Italkit piston 47mm B tolerance.
  • Pin 12mm
  • Vertex
  • 46.97mm
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Product specifications

Cylinder / head
Cylinder displacement74cc
Cylinder diameter47mm
Piston pin12mm

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Moped piston ring mounting? It's that easy! Moped piston ring mounting? It's that easy!

About Gilardoni

Gilardoni cylinders since 1957. quality cylinders with Nicasil walls and made of high-quality aluminium. For our Puch 1 of the fastest cylinders on the market, reed valve, large ports, hardly any better!


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