Bearing set Puch Maxi E50 old model bearing / seal 10-pieces revision kit

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70223 70223 70223 DMP
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  • Brand: DMP
  • Model: 70223


Engine bearing set complete 10-pieces 

  • Puch Maxi OT
  • 3x Crankshaft bearing 6203 C3 NTN
  • 1x bearing 6203 NR
  • 3x seals 
  • 1x Clutch cover-gasket pedal start
  • 1x Clutch cover-gasket Kickstart engine
  • 1x woodruff key
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Explanation old VS new model E50 engine (crankshaft) + video Explanation old VS new model E50 engine (crankshaft) + video

About DMP

Dutch Motorcycle Parts, also known as DMP supplies various maintenance & tuning parts for Puch, Tomos, Kreidler etc. DMP also has a very large range of tools & accessories. 1 of the largest suppliers of Puch parts with whom we have enjoyed working for many years. Assortment from cylinders to frame parts, crankshafts to clutches.


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