2-stroke oil Eurol (TTX) 1 liter

Brand: Eurol
Model: 220053
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Eurol (TTX) 2-stroke oil.

  • Dutch topproduct!
  • 1 liter
  • Synthetic 2-stroke oil for small air and water cooled 2-stroke engines
  • Eurol TTX ProScoot is a top quality synthetic 2-stroke oil for the lubrication of air and water cooled 2-stroke engines (up to 50 cc) of mopeds and scooters, with or without an injection system.
  • Eurol TTX ProScoot has been tested extensively and is formulated with carefully selected base oils and special additives. It provides an optimum lubrication, also at high temperatures and heavy duty operating conditions.
  • Eurol TTX ProScoot can easily be mixed with petrol (lead free or super) to a homogeneous "pre-mix". It prevents deposits on spark plugs, pistons, inlet and exhaust ports, sticking piston rings and pre-ignition.
  • Eurol TTX ProScoot prevents from wear and corrosion of all vital engine parts and it reduces exhaust outlet smoke. Due to the low sulphated ash contents, the risk of a burned out piston because of pre-ignition or detonation, is very low.

Mixing ratio: 1:50 (if not otherwise prescribed)

Product Handbuch Eurol TTX Proscoot 2T

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