2-stroke oil Eurol Road Racing SR2000 Racing

Brand: Eurol
Model: 221003
Status: In stock

Eurol Road Racing SR2000 2-stroke Racing oil

  • Dutch Topproduct!
  • 1liter
  • Fully synthetic 2-stroke oil for racing engines and karts
  • Eurol SR 2000 Road Racing is a fully synthetic 2-stroke oil, especially developed for racing engines and karts. The balanced additive package, in combination with the synthetic base stocks, guarantee optimum results under extreme racing conditions.
  • Eurol SR 2000 Road Racing prevents sticking of the throttle valves in rainy weather. The special formulation keeps the engine clean and free from carbon deposits, even at high loads and temperatures.
  • Eurol SR 2000 Road Racing offers optimum performance in tuned, water cooled 2-stroke racing engines.

Product sheet Eurol Road Racing SR2000 2-stroke Racing oil 

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