Saddles for miles!

The saddle is a part of your Puch that suffers a lot. No matter how well you look after your Puch, due to causes such as rain, sunlight, UV radiation and intensive use, the saddle can crack and wear out. With our wide collection of saddles, buddy seats, chopper saddles and all kinds of accessories, you can ride like a king, and give your Puch the look you want....

From original to a sporty look
Do you want to keep your Puch Maxi, Puch Monza or Puch MV / VS / DS as authentic as possible, then choose our original Oldtimer Puch saddles in black, cream/grey or black/red. Or for the traditional saddles with "PUCH" printed on the back. Do you often take someone with you on the back? Then you can go for a buddy seat. And if you want something tougher and sportier, the chooper seat is a good option. Plenty to choose from.
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