All sorts of assembly materials

Bummer: You're tinkering around and you miss that one screw, nut, circlip or hose. comes to the rescue! With all conceivable assembly materials. Bolts and nuts, loose and as complete sets, fastening sets for mudguards and luggage racks and so on.

Large stock!

We have all these parts in stock so you will have them quickly and you can get on with your tinkering! Our extensive range of assembly parts is suitable for Puch Maxi, Puch X30, Puch X50, Puch MV and Co. If you cannot decide or if you have doubts about which assembly part is the best for your job, please contact us for guidance.

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Mounting parts

Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Blind nut rivet tool 41-pieces
Blind rivits assortment 500-pieces
Body Washer M10 galvanized
Body Washer M6 galvanized
Bolt and nut assortment 240-pieces
Bolt and nut assortment 347-pieces
Bolt set Puch ZA50 clutch cover
Brake hose clamp universal
Cap nut assortment 150-pieces
Cap nut M10x1.50 galvanized
Cap nut M10x1.50 Stainless steel
Cap nut M6 galvanized long
Cap nut M6 Stainless steel
Cap nut M6x1.00 galvanized
Cap nut M8x1.00 galvanized
Cap nut M8x1.25 Stainless steel
Cotter assortment 144-pieces
Cover cap M6 for hex (4 pieces)
Cover cap M6 nut black
Cover cap M6 nut white
Cover cap M8 Inbus
Cover cap M8 nut black
Crosshead bolt M4x10 galvanized
Exhaust nut M7 + ring
Flat cap nut rear M8x1.25
Hex nut M6x1.00 galvanized
Hex nut M7 galvanized
Kraagmoer M6

€ 0,50

Nut M10x1 for Puch / universal
Nut M10x1.25 flat
Nut M6 25mm 3D

€ 0,99

Nut M6x1.00 6 18mm 3D
Nut M7 22mm 3D

€ 1,09

Nut M8 25mm 3D

€ 1,09

Plate nut speednut M5
Plate nut speednut M6
Pump nail pliers with rivets
Rear sprocket bolt set Puch Z50
Side cover bolt black Puch P1 long
Silent rubber M6

€ 2,95

Silent rubber M8

€ 2,50

Washer assortment 350-pieces
Washer M11 galvanized
Washer M6 galvanized
Washer M7 galvanized
Washer M7 galvanized (7mm)
WD-40 Multi-use Classic 200ml
WD-40 Multi-use Smart Straw 200ml
Wing nut assortment 150-pieces
Showing 1 to 115 of 115 (1 pages)