Front fork Puch Maxi EBR Harry long 67cm black complete with disc brake and caliper

Brand: EBR
Model: 150507
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EBR front fork Harry long black complete with disc brake

New on the market:

  • First complete disc brake system for your Puch moped, which can be mounted without adjustments!
  • Length fork 67cm
  • All parts are of the highest quality and fit perfectly
  • The parts are designed for the 5-star rims for Puch. You will find the corresponding rim in the related products.
  • The brake caliper incl. Brake lever are already filled and pressed with brake fluid so you just have to assemble it. The steel brake hose is 70 cm long. Note this when choosing the handle bar
  • The complete set is delivered in separate parts. All screw connections must be secured with Loctite, found in the related products.
  • The front fork is from the brand EBR.
  • All other parts such as brakes, axle wheel hubs, spacers and mounting material are from the brand Swiing
  • The two spacers in the direction of travel are as follows: Left: 26.25 mm / right: 23.5 mm long.
  • You will find the separate parts and accessories in the related products.

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