Gasket paper often a smart alternative

In many cases a paper gasket for your Puch can be a good alternative for standard gaskets. The advantage of a paper gasket is that you can easily make it yourself exactly to size. Paper gaskets are mainly intended for parts which already fit together very well and where the surfaces do not show any irregularities.

Please note that paper gaskets are not resistant to high temperatures and high pressure. They are therefore mainly used in the gearbox and carburettor. Are you not quite sure whether a paper gasket is suitable for the part in which you want to use it? Our Puch-experts know what to do! Contact us and they will help you quickly.

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Gasket paper

Gasket hole punch set 5-pieces
Gasket paper 0.15mm 195x475mm
Gasket paper 0.20mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.30mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.40mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper 0.50mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper thick 1.00mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper thick 1.50mm 300x450mm
Gasket paper thick 2.00mm 300x450mm
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