Make your exhaust pop

The exhaust is an eye-catcher. And at the same time an ear-catcher, thanks to the characteristic sound. Give your Puch more power with an exhaust in chrome, deep black, cool kevlar or rather for the original Puch-look? Choose from brands like Biturbo, Homoet, Jamarcol, Tecnigas, Proma, DMP and Tecno. Also check out our PSR exhausts! The latter are specially developed for us, so only available from us!...

Also universal exhausts and accessories
Besides complete 2-stroke exhausts for Puch and other moped brands with 22 or 28mm bend, you can also find separate silencers and header pipes here. And of course for all matching accessories such as exhaust gaskets and fasteners like clamps, exhaust springs and suspension brackets.
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