Cylinder head 50cc NM with smaller combustion chamber DMP (38mm)

Brand: DMP
Model: 10130
Status: In stock

Cylinder head with smaller combustion chamber DMP

  • 50cc (38mm) NM
  • Cylinder head Puch Maxi with smaller combustion chamber.
  • Suitable to edit your cylinder's squish yourself.
  • High compression, which can be ideal for a cross-puch, the topspeed can decrease with these heads.

Also note your base gasket , with some cylinders it may be that the piston gets headed.
But do not panic, add an additional base gasket.

€ 18,95

Cylinder / head
Type Cylinderhead
Displacement 50cc
Diameter 38mm
Model New model
Material Aluminium
O-ring head
Reed valve
High pressure head Yes

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