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Ignition Kokusan electronic complete for Puch 6V

Brand: Kokusan
Model: 200704
Status: Not in stock

6 volt ignition! Just for right turning engines

Complete package with:

  • 1x Kokusan flywheel (M26x1.5)
    There are also Kokusan flywheels M19x1, but currently they are with M26x1.5 (Bosch)!
  • 1x Coil with ground plate
  • 1x Wiring loom
  • 1x 6V voltage regulator    
  • 1x Rectifier
  • 1x Spark plug wire with rubber seal
  • 6x M4x20mm cross head bolt and rings
  • With installation guide

For Puch Maxi / E50, not all flywheel covers fit.
For matching flywheel covers, see related products.

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€ 159,00

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