Accessories for your Puch cables

Everything to mount and adjust your cables properly. Like cable nipples, -hats, -adjustment bolts, -guides and -brackets, but also handle sets and complete repair sets. Insulation stockings and fun retro spiral bands can be bought by the metre, this way you can always order exactly what you need.

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Cable accessories

Cable adjusting bolt M6x35mm
Cable adjusting bolt M7x45mm
Cable anti fray nipple
Cable cover retro spiral binding Olive green / white NOS
Cable end cap / centring nipple 6mm
Cable extension nipple universal
Cable greaser black 5mm
Cable greaser grey 5mm
Cable lubricator BGS Technic
Cable nipple 6x9mm
Cable nipple 8x15mm
Cable nipple 8x9mm
Cable nipple brake cable 6x14mm
Cable nipple throttle cable 5x7mm
Handle set cable stop nipple 8x9mm
Solder nipple for throttle cable
Solder nipple pear model
Starter cable Puch MV / VS clamp
Showing 1 to 42 of 42 (1 pages)