Safety first folks! All brake parts for your Puch

Your driving style doesn't matter, as long as your brakes are in order. Aren't they? Stop while you still can, and shop here for new brake segments, disc brakes, brake pads, calipers, anchors, levers and pedals, plus brake cables, grease and other accessories. In many versions and from reliable quality brands such as DMP, Newfren and Lucas/TRW....

Unstoppable in giving good advice!
If there is one part of your Puch that should always be in top condition, it is your brakes. Do you notice that your brakes perform less well? Then do not postpone it and replace them immediately. We are happy to advise you on determining which brake parts need to be replaced and which brake parts might still be good. Contact us and we will help you quickly.
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€ 9,50

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