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Pedal crank extension +48mm stainless steel

Model: 201258
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Pedal crank extension +48mm stainless steel

Handmade extension bush to extend your pedal axle. Made of stainless steel (chrome steel).
Comes e.g. when using a sports exhaust to still be able to operate the pedals. 

Pedal crank wedges up to 9.5 mm can be used. This varies depending on the use of the pedal arm.
The bushing is secured on the pedal axle with a 9.5 mm crank wedge.

  • Total length: 78 mm
  • Length of pivot: 30 mm
  • Length inner bore: 35 mm
  • Ø outer bore: 15.8 mm
  • Ø inner bore: 16.25 mm
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