Sandpaper waterproof P600

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Waterproof Sandpaper is a high-quality abrasive for wet sanding. As the name suggests, this abrasive is highly resistant to water. Whereas normal sandpaper loses its strength when it comes into contact with water, the strength of waterproof sandpaper is actually increased when it comes into contact with water.

  • Grit: P600
  • 230mm x 280mm
  • Per sheet

How waterproof sandpaper works

With waterproof sandpaper, the abrasive is evacuated and the substrate cooled. This makes sanding less aggressive and allows for very fine sanding. Waterproof sandpaper can therefore also be used for sanding lacquers, epoxy, polyester, etc. This sandpaper can be used both wet and dry. With the finer sheets, a polyester gelcoat or topcoat can even be sanded to such an extent that it can be polished to a high gloss.

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Product specifications Sandpaper waterproof P600

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