Tool sets

Good tools make short miles, or in other words: sufficient tools make for pleasant tinkering. Everything in stock to provide every enthusiast with the right tools in the workshop! 

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Tool sets

Air compressor tool set 5-pieces
Allen key ball 9-pieces
Allen key set 7-pieces
Allen key set in holder
Allen keyset T-handle 10 pieces
Ball bearing puller inner

€ 81,50 € 75,00

Ball bearing puller kit outer
Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Blind nut rivet tool 41-pieces
Center point set 3-pieces
Circlip plier tool set 4-pieces
Compressor accessory set 5 pieces
Drilling set metal 19-pieces
File tool set 5-pieces
Metal drills and bits set 64-pieces
Metal drills set 170-pieces
Metal drills set HSS 4-pieces
Mini compressor oil-free
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 59-pieces
Multi tool with accessories in case
Plug wrenches 12-pieces
Plug wrenches tool Kukko 8-pieces
Proffesional plier tool set in Box 14-pieces
Pull-tap set left hand 5-pieces
Pulley Puller tool 3-pieces
Pulley puller tool set 4-pieces
Ring ratschet stubby flex 5-pieces metric
Screwdriver 10 in 1 set duo handle
Screwdriver set 12-pieces
Screwdriver softgrip 6-pieces
Self grip pliers tool set 4-pieces
Socket set T-handle in box

€ 25,90 € 17,50

Socket set T-handle in box 9-pieces
Socket tool set 14-pieces
Socket tool set 46-pieces
Socketset 52-piece, 1/4 "+1/2"
Steel brush set plastic 3-pieces
Steel brush tool with pin 6-pieces
Tap t-wrench tool set 6-pieces
Threading tool set 20-pieces
Threading tool set 40-piece
Tool holders 4-pieces
Tool set for on the road
Toolbox 42x23x20cm
Watch screwdrivers 11 pieces
Showing 1 to 67 of 67 (1 pages)