Power Tools

On this page you will find power tools, such as multimeters, voltage meters, trickle chargers, multitools, drills and angle grinders, but also all supplies for power tools, such as drill sets, grinding stone sets, lamellar disks and grinding wheels. Not sure what you need or have questions about something? Contact us and we will help you quickly.

Electronic tools

12 volt universal charger
Angle grinder 115mm 500W
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 40
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 60
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 80
Battery AA Duracell / Procell
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Battery AAA Varta
Caliper digital

€ 16,95

Cordless drill machine 18V Li-ion
Decibel meter digital
Degreaser bin 16 liters
Degreaser bin pump 26 watt
Drilling set metal 19-pieces
Flashlight LED COB 5 watt black
Impact drill 500W

€ 24,90

Insulation Tape Black a roll
Light LED inspection lamp COB
Light led work light SMD 230V
Metal drills and bits set 64-pieces
Metal drills set 170-pieces
Metal drills set HSS 4-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 24-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 59-pieces
Multi tool with accessories in case
Multimeter digital
Multimeter digital Jumbo
Portable Workshop Heater 2000W
Soldering iron 30 Watt
Steel brush tool with pin 6-pieces
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Voltage tester 14cm
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